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Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 9: Truth & Lies

On the previous episode of Industreet, we suspect the beginning of a feud between Francesca & Chief Robinson, we see Sonorous catapulting into rapid fame, Shina & Osas being kicked out of AKG’s house, TT experimenting with drugs, Mic-L’s futile attempt to shine, Tony’s arrest and Diane’s collapse.

With Industreet way past its median episode, the series unfold before our eyes making references reminiscent of true events from the Nigerian entertainment scene in recent time.

SPOILERS BELOW: If you’ve not seen this episode, go watch on www.sceneone.tv before reading this.


Early in the episode we discover Mic-L orchestrated Tony’s arrest as he didn’t get his desired result but Tony who must have anticipated the occurrence from the start made sure everything was handled as agreed, leading to the dismissal of Mic-L’s charges. Tony who obviously knew the song was trash merely took advantage of the money thrown at him.

Much has not been revealed about Tony’s marriage, aside the fact that he always seems to have an excuse to abandon his wife with the kids while he runs into the arms of his trusted mistress. It is however revealed, when Diane informed him she almost died as a result of her third abortion for him, that he married Amara not for love, but because her father invested heavily in his business.

Deep Cut

Is it AKG’s luck rubbing off on Chief Robinson? He seems to be going down each time we see him. This time, after being informed Immaculate, Sonorous, the Nelly Concept artistes and others with the exception of Small G have been booked for his concert, he’s informed Killer Flow’s –who apparently is the main attraction–team doubled up their charges because Francesca already offered more. He’s also informed AKG is out of contact. Francesca has in recent times, been a bone in Chief Robinson’s throat. Wonder how that plays out eventually.

Talking about bones in throats, we see Francesca is desperately trying to have her daughter’s nanny, who has resolved to go back home to her family, stay back. Even offering to increase her salary. Telling her mum, who at this point doesn’t seem sympathetic to her predicament, she doesn’t want to get a new nanny to avoid anyone else knowing about her situation. At this point her mum insists there’s nothing she can do except maybe take Destiny (Francesca’s daughter) to the shop with her, to which she instantly rebuffed saying “Do you want everyone to see what she looks like? I don’t want any news out there.” Leaving us wondering what she’s talking about.

While attempting to persuade the nanny to stay, Destiny, Francesca’s daughter, appears for the first time in the TV Series and it is revealed she suffers intellectual disability; which explains why she’s been trying to keep her totally out of sight. In her most humanised scene so far, we see Francesca become painfully emotional after declining her daughter’s request to go out with her.

Wrong Turns

After playing Small G’s single, “Burning Hot” on Naija FM, Moyolistic Moyo spills the tea on TT going ‘good girl gone bad’ after being signed to a new label and plays her new single, Ukwu Bender. Does this remind you of anybody in the industry?

Nelly Villa gets quite intense when, after taking a short break, TT returned to the studio and found Small G recording his verse of their collaboration. She insists nobody is allowed in the studio while she’s recording, calling him a riff raff in the process. After a little back and forth between them both, Puffy Tee had to step in and had Small G excuse himself.

We’ve of course been waiting for Eazy to make his ultimate move on TT and move he sure made. While drunk and reminiscent of their journey to stardom, he seized the opportunity to take TT up to his room as we see Small G spy on them.

On a quick visit to TT’s place, her dad commented on her appearance while she shrugged it off. He soon discovered her stash of marijuana and confronted her about smoking, which she vehemently denied, insisting she uses it for her hair. We’re not sure if he believes her but he accepted her excuse, imploring her not to live a wayward life.

Eazy was ready to hit the club when he found Small G with a lot of ladies in the sitting room. After his inquiry, Small G told him about it being for publicity and grabbing attention to his delight. Just then, Osas comes in with his bag, explaining he has been kicked out and needs a place to stay.

Cougar’s Den

After apologising to Madam Cynthia for the occurrence at Club Cube, Tony showed her the first cut of Sonorous’ “Finally” music video to which she commended him for a job well done, with him reassuring her he’s got the best director on board the project, Director Skillz.

Sonorous stays working as he’s seen in the studio recording his next single with Puffy Tee and Mary. Between suggestions and counter tweaks, Puffy Tee couldn’t help but ask Mary if she’s dating Sonorous to which she said no and laughed awkwardly.

After being accosted by the receptionist on his way to Madam Cynthia’s room, her boy toy, Daniel (Played by Minjin) lamented his harsh reception to which she asks him to leave, as he’s already been dumped for seeing someone else while she pays his bills. On his way out, he spots Sonorous asking for her room at the reception and it dawns on him, he’s his competition.

Sonorous is surprised meeting Madam Cynthia alone in her hotel room as he was told he’s coming for a performance. She has shim drink up and insists he quit acting like a baby, telling him it doesn’t matter if he has a girlfriend because she’ll take care of them both as she leads him to bed…

Bigger Package

We thought Shina had had enough of AKG’s bullying and childish attitude when he walked out during a heated argument last week, however he apparently hasn’t as we saw him apologise to AKG. After reminding him about Swagnificent and their rent due, AKG went on his regular rant about owning everything and being the boss but Shina reminded him about the implications of his failure to pay up soon, further stating “If this gets out to the press its bad for us didn’t you learn anything from that singer it happened to?”. This statement does ring a bell, doesn’t it?

Problems arise once again at the Fire Records Mansion when AKG fired Feva for daring to speak up to him while trying to explain why Shina sent a girl he had been waiting for back home. Things got heated again and Shina walked out on him with AKG insisting he’ll be fired if he leaves. While on his way out of the mansion, Shina calmed himself once again and apologised on his knees to AKG, who insisted he go get him a “better girl with a bigger package” immediately to pacify him.

Have we seen the last of Mic-L?

Will Diane ever get what she wants?

What’s the next move for Chief Robinson?

Will TT change her ways or continue down this path of destruction?

Is Sonorous’ situation a blessing or a curse?

What next for Feva?

How much longer will Shina stomach AKG’s behaviour?

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on sceneone.tv and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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