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Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 10: Publicity Stunt

On the previous episode of Industreet, we got more details on the Tony-Diane dynamics, we see TT spiralling out of control, AKG’s steady decline and Sonorous on a tricky lane.

SPOILERS BELOW: If you’ve not seen this episode, go watch on www.sceneone.tv before reading this.

We see a pretty much confused –in a “I have been defiled, but maybe I liked it” kind of way– Sonorous hurriedly attempt to leave the hotel room the morning after his induction into the gigolo hall of fame, when an obviously impressed Madam Cynthia teased him and offered him a cheque of five hundred thousand naira.

That one person that totally needs a five hundred thousand naira cheque right now is Feva, whose baby mama is now visibly pregnant, coupled with the extra pressure the marriage is putting on him. He went off on Kelechi when she requested some cash and informed him her mother wanted to meet, telling her he’s not in the mood for money talks and if they won’t let her move in with him without the marriage, so be it!

For some reason, we get to see AKG in a good mood, dancing in his room, when Shina startled him with his unannounced presence. After shamelessly asking him to get him another producer who’ll present him finished songs –like Eazy used to do–, he ordered Shina to have a certain video vixen come over to which he declined, telling him he didn’t have her ‘control’ but to AKG’s delight, offered a replacement.

In a bid to handle the situation, Sonorous called & apologised to Mary, lying in the process about the ‘party’ being so lit that his phone was seized and later took her shopping. The best part about this scene is Sonorous’ “Finally” starts playing; perfectly amplifying his mind-set at that point, as he’s finally able to ‘be a man’ as they say.

While listening to Sonorous & Mary’s tribute song for D Dream, Ahmed flashes back to his struggles trying to break D Dream into the industry with family asking him to get a day job and him insisting his investment in the entertainment industry will pay off someday.

Ahmed later visits Mary and tries to get her to start music and be her manager but she insists she’s not ready to venture into music.

It was the case of the prodigal son when Feva visited Ahmed, apologised for abandoning them the moment he got a deal with AKG and begged for his old job back. Ahmed forgave him and took him back, making sure he understands they are starting from ground zero. Looks like Ahmed is having a fresh start, hope Mary comes around.

In what seems to be the calm before the storm, a girl who spent the night with AKG was seen stealing from, and taking pictures of AKG, naked. While he slept.

During a press conference, Diane plays their new collaboration to members of the press who then ask the artistes a series of questions. Just as TT, in her seemingly drunken state was responding, Tony walked in with an angry demeanour chastising Eazy for having an affair with Joy Nice who stars as Pelumi in Jenifas Diary. A clever trick to get his headline act buzzing in the news…which worked!

While Sonorous & Mary were helping Jane prepare for her trip, she walked in and broke the news of AKG’s nude picture released on Industreet’s blog being the hottest topic in town.

We know Jane as the less homely of the twins, but we’re beginning to get teasers of her lifestyle beyond the coloured hair and nonchalance she exudes. She was seen getting home from a ‘job’ with her friend the other night and the conversation was about a ‘man dropping well’. That could mean anything, right? Maybe. We also see how apprehensive she was about Mary going through her bag, and insisting they not see her off to the airport on her way to Maiduguri for NYSC. It just seems like she has other plans.

With AKG’s life crumbling right before his eyes, seeing his nudes all over the internet sends him into rage as he instructs Shina, who instantly absolves himself of blame, to find the girl or lose his job. Apparently, his parents also got wind of the scandal. His dad, being a true African father, insists he is not disappointed in AKG as he had already disowned him long ago and his mother refutes him saying they can’t abandon their son.

The Beat FM’s OAP, Dami Elebe really had a field day as she went in on AKG, making fun of his little ‘package’ on the radio. AKG who was listening in and having his mood worsen called Shina and ordered him to meet him at his family house with the girl however he can make that happen.

Right when Chief Robinson was contemplating AKG’s misgivings, Tony called and offered him Sonorous replacement to AKG, his headliner. Chief, hesitant about this, offered to discuss it further in his office.

Apparently, Chief Robinson accepted Tony’s offer as we see Shina informing AKG he had been dropped off the Swagnificent concert. With his belongings in a box, he tells AKG he’s travelling but reading between the lines, AKG accused him of abandoning him too, which he rebuffed, insisting he’s just being paranoid and needs rehab.

On Entertainmaint News, Stevenator interviews Joy Nice and asks her about her relationship with Eazy, she blows it off insisting they’ve never met and it doesn’t make sense. Diane, who was watching had a smile on her face which could only be of admiration for Tony.

Speak of the devil, Tony’s wife insists she’ll like to go with him to Otunba’s birthday celebration but he smoothly changes her mind promising to create more time for her. Of course, having both his wife and Diane go with him will be too much tension.

While discussing Tony’s smartness in planting the seed that put out the rumour about Eazy dating Pelumi, Diane suggested it’s the perfect time to shoot Eazy’s video and Tony accepts it’s great timing.

Osas wastes no time at all though, Eazy and Small G were shocked when he walked in with two ladies, posing as an artiste and introducing the guys as his label mates before taking them to his room. Small G found it disrespectful but Eazy shrugged it off.

At Otunba’s birthday, Tony got the opportunity to meet Otunba when Madam Cynthia introduced him to her husband. With the celebration in full force, Eazy got on stage and delivered an awesome performance to the delight of the guests who were having the time of their life, but things take a turn for the worse when the totally drunk TT falls off the stage during her performance.

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on sceneone.tv and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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